Rhythm & Roll (Australian Release)


Rhythm & Roll (Australian Release)

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Ahead of their first ever Australian tour, Americas’ hottest new rockabilly and rockin’ R&B combo released a special 10-track album just for their fans in Australia. It includes all 6 tracks from the US release of the same title, together with 2 tracks from their first 45, and two new songs!

Tammi Savoy is a young woman with a powerful soulful voice that nails the classic 40’s,50s and early 60s R&B and rock and roll sounds. Match that with a great stage presence and drop-dead gorgeous looks with a perfect visual adherence to mid-century vintage style. Now combine her with the killer rockabilly instrumentation of slapping upright bass, swinging drums and virtuoso guitar and you’ve got Tammi Savoy and The Chris Casello Combo.

  1. As Long As Im Movin (Calhoun)

  2. This Little Girls Gone Rockin (Darin/Curtis)

  3. Voodoo Voodoo (Coleman/Avril)

  4. Big Baby (Casello/Grant) Driftunes BMI/Saved By The Belle Music BMI

  5. Broken Hearted Melody (David/Edwards)

  6. If Its News To You (Singleton/McCoy)

  7. Sweet Baby Of Mine (Sharp)

  8. I Aint Givin Up Nothing (Benton/Otis)

  9. Them There Eyes (Pinkard/Tracey/Trouber)

  10. Jim Dandy (Chase)